Which goal can I set up?

As for now you can get a schedule for race distances from 5k to a marathon. You can pick a distance, date and desired finish time. Based on your historical data, we’ll check if the goal is realistich and will provide a personalized training schedule.

We also plan to be the best compagnon for your ‘couch to 5k’ project or your first ultra, but we’re not there yet – start-up life 😉

Can I adjust my goal?
Yes, but in the free version it’s restricted to once per month. So choose wisely. With Trenara Peak or Peak Pro there are less or no limitations.
Can I select my preferred training days?
Of course! But you’ll need a premium subscription for that option. With Peak & Peak Pro you can select your training days (and prioritize them) when adding a new goal (or re-adding the same goal).
Can I adjust my number of training sessions?
Yes, but only when adding a goal. It’s the only place to tell us how often you’d like to run.


How does Trenara know where my running fitness is at?

We can’t tell you in detail, because we’d have to kill you 😉

Our algorithm helps us to analyze your historical data. Sometimes we underestimate your fitness, but when we see a new ‘best’ during a training session, you get a fitness calibration message from us. This way we get to know you better.

I’m following another training schedule
No problem! Even in that case we analyze your data, give you race predictions and compare your efforts to our schedule.
I combine running with other sports, does Trenara take that into account?

As of now our focus is 100% running. If you combine other sports, there’s a possibility that we underestimate your running fitness. In that case you’ll often see a ‘fitness calibration’ message from us.

In the meantime we already developped a new algorithm that will help us to analyze other sports and take them into account for your running schedule.

Can I register a training session with the app?

No, we’re not a sports tracker. You can take your favorite app or wearable to track your sessions and upload them to Strava, Garmin Connect or later Polar Flow. Sync our app with one (of two) of these platforms and we’ll analyze your session.

On what base does Trenara send the feedback messages?

We compare your effort to what we had planned for you in your schedule. Based on this, we give you targeted feedback.


What’s on the dashboard?

When not on a subscription, the progress bar compares your progress to the one we predict when perfectly following our schedule.

How do I read the progress bar?
No problem! Even in that case we analyze your data, give you race predictions and compare your efforts to our schedule.
My energy bar is completely in the red zone

In that case you probably ran a bit too hard or too long. Often you’ll only be in the red zone during the most demanding periode of training: right before tapering before your goal.

My prediction is already faster than my goal

You might have underestimated yourself or you weren’t training on point before. That’s also our aim: offer our users a personalized training schedule to help you flourish.

Training schedule

Are the paces personalized?

Yes, the paces displayed are 100% personalized to your current fitness.

Some of the paces are really slow…

Might be annoying, but there’s no question about it: you have to run slow to become faster. Each training session serves a specific goal, it’s realy important to follow the schedule as closely as possible.

Are the paces way off? In that case a fitness calibration can bring you a solution. Be sure to use an all-out effort as input by selecting a session from your history our via a manual input.

Can I manually add a training session?

Yes, via the ‘+’-sign in the top right of the dashboard. Truth be told: this is the least ideal way to tell us about your activities, since we have little data to work with.

After a period of injury or running less, my predictions aren’t up to standard. What to do?

After a period without running (or less running), your fitness level – according to the app – plummeted. Take your time to build up, afterwards you can pick up your schedule again. You might need a recalibration to help us make an estimation of your currect fitness.

Can I delete an activity?

Yes, but you need to delete them on your platform of choice. When we import your activities from Strava and/or Garmin Connect, you need to delete the activities there. Because of the sync between Trenara and these platforms, your activity also will be deleted in our app.


Fitness calibration: what’s it for?

When our predictions and paces are not accurate, this tool comes in handy. Be sure to use an all-out effort as input by selecting a session from your history our via a manual input.

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