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A new update.

06 August 2021
Christophe Roosen is the co-founder and coach of Trenara. Runs a marathon in 2:33:34. Follow him on IG @chroosen.

A month ago we promised new developments. Now the time has come: an update has been available in the App & Play Store since August 1st. So what’s new?

_ A complete calendar

Up till now our calendar displayed your running sessions. Seems logic being a running app. But it’s incomplete. Lots of you guys do other sports as well. From triathlon to skating, from yoga to CrossFit. From now on we’ll display every activity (with a HR registered). It’s a one-stop-calendar from now on.

It gives you a complete overview. And us too. Because as said before: our multisport algorithm us up and running. We’re already calculating the famous TSS for all those non-running activities. So that one day we can also adjust your training plan based on those other activities.

_ Switch your training days for this week and forever

I find this the most difficult novelty to explain, but here it goes! As a subscriber you can select your training days – when adding a goal – and/or move training sessions in your calendar. For example: you always do your interval sessions on a Tuesday but that one week it has to be on Thursday. As a subscriber, that’s no problem. What is (or was) a problem: might be that your training plan with that interval session on Tuesday is no longer correct. You changed jobs, or the kids have a new hobby, … and from now on you’ll be doing intervals on Fridays.

Until now you then had to create a new goal and reassign your priorities. Bit inconvenient because you had to go through all those screens again for just a small adjustment. Or you had to change your schedule week by week. And that’s a bit of a hassle.
From now on it’s far more easy! Because when you now shuffle one sessions, you can also move all future workouts by activating a simple toggle. Comes in handy, right?
A feature mainly developed for our (re-)starters by the way. Since the introduction of these plans this spring, many of you have already set such a goal. The disadvantage was that these are ‘fixed’ plans: each goal lasts 6, 10 or 14 weeks. Readdressing your training days? Then you had to start from scratch with week 1, training 1. There was no possibility to adjust your days permanently and just continue with your plan. So this one’s for you.

_ ’cause you are gold.

Spandau Ballet knew it. And now we do too. Your goal deserves to stand out a bit, because you put a lot of time and effort in it. Thus from now on we will indicate it with a golden dot.
It’s also a functional (and future-proof) development by the way, because soon your schedule will be longer than before… In the near future we’ll add a recovery plan after your goal. And thanks to that golden dot, your goal is easier to find in that calendar.

_ A new back-end interface

There’s something new in it for me too! And you will soon enjoy the benefits of it. Our new back-end interface allows me to upload and correct training plans and feedback myself. That’s a giant step forward. Soon you will therefore find more training plans in the app for more distances, as well as adjustments and clarifications in existing plans. We will write separate blogs about this and send you emails as well – because it’s that important.

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