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A quick update on our development roadmap.

28 June 2021
Christophe Roosen is the co-founder and coach of Trenara. Runs a marathon in 2:33:34. Follow him on IG @chroosen.

The next couple of weeks our app developers will be working on some new features. What have we got in store for you?

_ First of all, we’re already testing our multisport feature in our bèta app.

We’re still in phase 1, so we’re ‘only’ recognizing and analyzing your other sporting activities (if heartrate is provided). We want to bring that to our live version as well, so your calendar doesn’t only show running activities.

_ Yes, as a subscriber you already can set training days based on priorities.

But these priorities do change from time to time, for instance when switching from your support training plan to your goal specific training plan. That means that your tuesday interval session can switch to friday. At this moment you need to redefine your goal to again set your interval session to tuesday OR reschedule your training plan every week. Which is, to be honest, a bit of a hassle. So our web developer came with a simple but brilliant idea: we’ll be adding a ‘repeat’ option to our ‘shift’ feature, so you can not only switch your training session for just one week, but also for all coming weeks. Just like your Outlook or Google Calendar.

_ In the backend they will develop a new interface so we can upload our training plans & notifications ourselves.

By ourselves, so, without the need of a developer. That’s a vast improvement for you girls & guys as well, because now we can update the plans much faster.

_ Recovery plans.

It will be busy this autumn with all the races that are planned from September to December. By then, training plans will be followed by race-specific recovery plans.

_ Support plans.

As mentioned before in our Trenara Community, users tend to set their goals really early in the training process – well before the start of our goal specific training plans. That makes that our support plans are much more important than we thought they were when starting out with the app. The support plans are now the least individualized instrument of the app. Yes, they’re based on your performance level when it comes to paces. But no, they’re not very specific in terms of mileage and aren’t that much goal-oriented. So, we’ll be implementing new support plans, which will make for a smoother transition between support and specific plans for as well 5k runners to marathoners.

_ The ‘my activities’ section in the app isn’t sexy, UX wise.

We’ll transform that endless scrollable list into the same calendar as where your training plan sits now. Makes it much more friendly to navigate through. Don’t know why we didn’t come up with that idea from the beginning… 🤦‍♂️

_ RPE, phase 2.

_ This spring we brought RPE to the app (Peak Pro only), just before Garmin did it in their top tier devices (just to let you know that we were first, lol 😂). There was some criticism on the UX/UI side regarding that feature – we’ll tackle that ‘issue’ later on – as well as we’ll look for a Strava and/or Garmin integration so we just take the score that was given on their platforms. Much more important is that we’ll start implementing phase 2 and let your RPE feedback weigh in on your training plan, so it’s not only a number showing your effort, but also an actionable for the app. That means that when you’re struggling with some back-to-back training sessions, we’ll adjust your training plan accordingly. Or vice versa.

_ We even plan to let you overrule our predicted goal time.

There will be a checkbox saying that, with the data provided, we strongly suggest you to follow our initial plan. But we get that data might be corrupted by perhaps a bike sessions that was categorized as a run, … Yes, we’re getting soft 😉

These are 8 items out of a 15 items list. And I started out by saying that I’d give you a ‘quick’ update… As you might have noticed: we really enjoy making Trenara a more complete running app. Hope you bear with us and will keep supporting our app. Because each subscription helps us getting there.

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