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Additional running plans in the app!

07 October 2020
Christophe Roosen is the co-founder and coach of Trenara. Runs a marathon in 2:33:34. Follow him on IG @chroosen.

We’ve added some new plans to Trenara, and they’re ready to be explored. With these plans we’re finally taking the final step towards ultra training, despite the fact that these new plans are for short-than-marathon races.

Sounds a bit odd? I know.

First things first: before these new plans, there were plans for OR a half marathon OR a full marathon when training for longer races. We didn’t have any inbetweener plans. Depending on the goal you chose, you were following one of these two trajectories.

We needed to fill that gap. Because we saw you guys, our users, setting a goal that wasn’t a half or full marathon. These new plans cover distance from 22 tot 28k and from 29 tot 37km. They’re ideal for trails, marathons ànd ultras. 🐻 with me.

Road races often have fixed distances, like a 5k park run for instance. With trail races that often isn’t the case. You’ll certainly find a lot of trails with distances somewhere between half and full marathon. Furthermore they require a specific preparation. And from now on this is something we can offer to you.
What do we mean by ‘specific preparation’? During trails you’ll be covering a lot more altimeters. With our Peak Pro subscription you can already incorporate hills into your training plan. But some of you lack the hills on your training routes. And unfortunately for us, not everyone has a Peak Pro subscription running 😅
That’s why we’re introducing a new type of training sessions: alternating tempos. Not to be confused with our tempo block runs. These runs will alternate efforts of high intensity over shorter distances (often 1 or 2k) with efforts at a lower intensity over the same short distances. Lower intensity, but not too low. This type of runs will help you to be better armed against the hills you need to overcome during trail runs.

Many of you dream about a (first) marathon. We do get a lot of questions about ‘first marathons’. There’s a giant gap from half tot full marathon. And maybe you’re willing to take more time to make that step, so your body can adapt more gradually. These new training plans are the perfect fit!
Set yourself a goal of 30km, maybe 18 to 20 weeks after a half marathon.
At first you’ll need to take some rest, followed by a couple of weeks with ‘basic training’ to then start the specific preperation towards that 30k. It will teach you (and us) a lot about ‘loadability’ and you’ll get a first impression about how to schedule your daily life with at training plan that covers more miles and thus costs you more time.

Sounds odd, shorter-that-marathon training plans that will help us with our ultra training plans. Make no mistake: more than a marathon plan, these new inbetweeners are the building blocks towards an ultra adventure. Because an ultra is much more comparable to a trail experience than a marathon experience.
The upcoming ultra training plan are based on these inbetweeners, rather than an extension of the marathon plans.

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