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Author: Christophe Roosen

Christophe Roosen is the co-founder and coach of Trenara. Runs a marathon in 2:33:34. Follow him on IG @chroosen.

The most frustrating part of the app according to hundreds of users.

I’ve already told you about our UX redesign, and why it’s necessary. But where to start? Well, with an UX review of the current app. What are the most frustrating things about Trenara in its current version? Do you know what ‘rage taps’ are? No? Well, you probably already executed them.

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All the best: how to crush your goals.

New year and good intentions, it is a traditional combo. During the first 3 days of the year we see a lot more active users when compared to your average day of the year. But good intentions only stick around until Blue Monday. Let’s be honest: that’s not that long… Whatever running goals you set for yourself for in the new year, here are some tips to help you achieve them!

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Lene Verhaegen

Reviews Of course we believe the app is brilliant, but the question is who you should really believe: us or the runners?That’s why we let our users do the talking. Real stories from real runners. I’ve been running for about 10 years now. Okay, I will nuance that immediately: with rather varying success.. It all started with a city run in Ghent, with guidance from my school. Afterwards I started to use plans that you find online. My big problem: dosing my efforts (or curbing my enthousiasm)! I knew pretty quickly that running at a given heart rate was not my thing: it varies so much...

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