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Author: Christophe Roosen

Christophe Roosen is the co-founder and coach of Trenara. Runs a marathon in 2:33:34. Follow him on IG @chroosen.

Select and switch running days

Select and switch running days Our standard weekly schedule doesn’t fit everybody. We get that. With our entry-level premium package, Peak, you can select your running days yourself. Life is busy. And while we ideally plan your recovery run on mondays after the longer distances during the weekends, running on a monday isn’t going to happen for you. Because life as it happens interferes.With Peak you get the freedom to construct your own schedule (when (re-)adding a goal) and to attribute the training priorities to your running days. But it doesn’t stop there. You can’t...

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Terrain adjustments

Terrain adjustments Definitely one of the niftiest features in Trenara, unless you live in a place where you run on completely flat tarmac roads. Not applicable to you? Read on! Despite living in the low lands, our hometown is located in the midst of hilly Haspengouw – a region very renowned for its blossoms during springtime (here’s your random fact of the day).Winding roads, constantly going up and down: our running routes never cease to amaze (read: fatigue) us. But how do you pace your effort on these hilly roads? A training schedule (often) uses ideal data and conditions. The...

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