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Extra Funding for Growth: “We want to see our colors in every major European marathon”

We’ve gone through an incredibly exciting period, and we’re finally able to share the news with all of you: thanks to the trust of LRM, KBC, and VLAIO, we’ve gathered €500,000 in resources to fuel our growth.

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Introducing strength training.

To become the best version of yourself, we introduce our biggest feature ever. With strength training, we delivered a gem, if we say so ourselves, and that’s all thanks to the subject matter expert, Maarten Thysen – S&C coach and physiotherapist of Olympic Champions. So, what does this new feature entail? Here’s an explanation in 3 points.

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The most frustrating part of the app according to hundreds of users.

I’ve already told you about our UX redesign, and why it’s necessary. But where to start? Well, with an UX review of the current app. What are the most frustrating things about Trenara in its current version? Do you know what ‘rage taps’ are? No? Well, you probably already executed them.

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All the best: how to crush your goals.

New year and good intentions, it is a traditional combo. During the first 3 days of the year we see a lot more active users when compared to your average day of the year. But good intentions only stick around until Blue Monday. Let’s be honest: that’s not that long… Whatever running goals you set for yourself for in the new year, here are some tips to help you achieve them!

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More improved support plans + post-marathon recovery plans!

Here I am again with my weekly update on the plan updates. After adding the 5 & 10k support plans last week it was time to add those plans for goals from 15k up to a half marathon. And as expected/hoped, we received an update on Friday that allows us to work on recovery plans. So this weekend I designed the post-marathon recovery plans!

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