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Trenara x B2B

Last Monday, we were able to take a new, significant step. Our B2B web platform went live around 11 AM, and in the afternoon we were able to present it to 70 colleagues from a multinational. They will be preparing the Antwerp 10 miles with Trenara! What does our B2B offer include?

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Building Up to 10 Miles and an Upgrade for Intermediate Goals

A lot of hard work has gone into the app’s engine room again. Today, we’re rolling out 2 ‘new’ in-app features, by popular request from our Trenara Community. From now on, you can also follow a plan to build up to 10 miles, and we’re improving a popular Peak Pro feature, because we’re updating the intermediate goals.

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Extra Funding for Growth: “We want to see our colors in every major European marathon”

We’ve gone through an incredibly exciting period, and we’re finally able to share the news with all of you: thanks to the trust of LRM, KBC, and VLAIO, we’ve gathered €500,000 in resources to fuel our growth.

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Introducing strength training.

To become the best version of yourself, we introduce our biggest feature ever. With strength training, we delivered a gem, if we say so ourselves, and that’s all thanks to the subject matter expert, Maarten Thysen – S&C coach and physiotherapist of Olympic Champions. So, what does this new feature entail? Here’s an explanation in 3 points.

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