Adaptive training plans

Adaptive training plan Our free version already gives you a 100% personalized training plan, but with Peak Pro we go the extra mile and thus make the training plan also fully adaptive. But what does that mean, adaptive? Simply put: the fact that we adjust your workouts based on your recent training load. Why? Because the ideal plan isn’t ‘fixed’, as you aren’t either. Sometimes you just don’t have the necessary time to complete the training as we prescribed, so you just go out for 7 instead of 10 kilometers. Or maybe you ran a bit faster than planned, because...

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RPE “I don’t want any feedback from my athlete”, said no coach ever. So if Trenara wants to bring you that ‘personal coach experience’, we also need to offer our athletes the possibility to send us feedback. Enter RPE. RPE, or the Rate of Perceived Exertion, is a scientifically proven and accepted instrument to monitor training load.RPE gives you as an athlete the chance to give us more in depth information and thus feedback about your run. Though you might have hit the paces 100% correctly, that doesn’t mean that the effort you had to put in it was the...

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Intermediate goals

Intermediate goals When training for our ‘Big Goal’, runners often like to test their legs during intermediate races. So ofcourse we wanted to offer this as a feature in Trenara. With our Peak Pro subscription you can easily set intermediate goals when adding a ‘Big Goal’.So what to expect? When setting an intermediate goal, we’ll adjust the training plan leading up to your ‘Big Goal’ to make a perfect fit. This means we won’t be generating specific training plans for your intermediate goal(s), but we always keep you and your training plan...

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Garmin export

Garmin export A well-known 90’s song here in Belgium went like this: ‘But it ain’t that simple, every choice is hard to make‘. Well, that’s not true for Trenara if you’re a Garmin user. Because with Peak Pro you get your Trenara schedule directly on your wrists as a structured workout. Convenience at it’s best! No hard choice to make if you ask us 😀We automatically sync your weekly sessions to your Garmin Calendar, Garmin then will push these sessions to your compatible Garmin device. All you have to do is press ‘start’ and your...

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Screenshot of the surface adjustment feature

Terrain adjustments

Terrain adjustments Definitely one of the niftiest features in Trenara, unless you live in a place where you run on completely flat tarmac roads. Not applicable to you? Read on! Despite living in the low lands, our hometown is located in the midst of hilly Haspengouw – a region very renowned for its blossoms during springtime (here’s your random fact of the day).Winding roads, constantly going up and down: our running routes never cease to amaze (read: fatigue) us. But how do you pace your effort on these hilly roads? A training schedule (often) uses ideal data and conditions. The...

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