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Race time predictor

Race time predictor (extended) Our race time predictor is probably the best out there. But we predict more than only your time on your goal race when you have an active subscription. It’s a kinda magic: tap on your goal time prediction and you get a dropdown to choose between the shorter distances. These are the times we expect you’re able to run when in top form. Your race time prediction for a shorter distance like 5 or 10k is also a useful tool to finetune your fitness calibration. Since these as the more familiar distances, it’s easier to use them to keep an eye on your...

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Select and switch running days

Select and switch running days Our standard weekly schedule doesn’t fit everybody. We get that. With our entry-level premium package, Peak, you can select your running days yourself. Life is busy. And while we ideally plan your recovery run on mondays after the longer distances during the weekends, running on a monday isn’t going to happen for you. Because life as it happens interferes.With Peak you get the freedom to construct your own schedule (when (re-)adding a goal) and to attribute the training priorities to your running days. But it doesn’t stop there. You can’t...

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