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Terrain adjustments, a Peak Pro feature

Garmin export

A well-known 90’s song here in Belgium went like this: ‘But it ain’t that simple, every choice is hard to make‘. Well, that’s not true for Trenara if you’re a Garmin user.

Because with Peak Pro you get your Trenara training plan directly on your wrists as a structured workout. Convenience at its best! No hard choice to make if you ask us 😀
We automatically sync your weekly sessions to your Garmin Calendar, Garmin then will push these sessions to your compatible Garmin device. All you have to do is press ‘start’ and your watch will tell you what distances & paces you have to run. No need to learn your interval sessions by heart or think about what pace you need to run during that last training block. Just run until your watch beeps.

Almost all Garmin devices are compatible. Just look for the (advanced) workouts in the list of specs and you’re safe.

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