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20 November 2020
Christophe Roosen is the co-founder and coach of Trenara. Runs a marathon in 2:33:34. Follow him on IG @chroosen.

As I’m writing, there’s a new app version ‘In review’ by Apple. And as you’re reading, the release might be out there.

This particular release isn’t that big when focussing on new features: just some translation corrections, the possibility to change your e-mail address in the app and a lot of work ‘under the bonnet’. Because we’re getting ready for some bigger, new, features.

Training details
Pretty straight forward this feature, and available to everybody: as of next week you get to see the total training distance and duration. And it will look like this…

Don’t look at the pace, it’s called dummy content for some reason.

By far the biggest new features will be ‘Challenges’. There will be fixed challenges, like ‘Congrats, you ran 100 miles since using the app!’, but they do come in all forms and shapes. For the first time we can control all the parameters of an in-app feature without needing a developer to implement it. Each challenge can be time- or distance based, we can set the duration for each challenge (like the Raph 500 from 24/12 till 31/12), make it featured or not, design the medal, … It’s a big thing, and we’re over the moon with it.

Why? Because it opens door. For the first time we’ll be able to set up commercial collaborations: companies planning a giveaway, charities willing to access a broader audience or even crowdfunding from our users. They can all use our challenges. Impossible is nothing, like Adidas said.

Pause button
A loss of moral, small injury or holiday? There are multiple reasons why you might want to pause your Trenara training plan.
Enter the pause button! When activated, we’ll stop sending those annoying messages (‘Where’ve you been up to lately?’) and mask your predictions. No one likes getting slower.
Ready to start training again? No problem! We’ll have a look into your training plan and when necessary we’ll suggest to adjust your goal.
In a later stage we want to expand this feature with training plans that help you rebuild your fitness (Peak Pro only).

Training page
We still have work to do when it comes to UI. The first page we’re redesigning will be the training page – probably the most-visited page in the app. With a less prominent calendar and a better display of the training sessions, it definitely looks more pleasing to the eye. You get to swipe between weeks and training sessions, a down swipe will show you the current month. Your finished training session will be displayed in an other tab, with later on also a map and more training details. A bit more Strava-like if you want.

2020 is still going to be busy. We’re very happy that these features can be checked off our ‘wishlist’.

Development time is crucial a currently the bottle neck. Thanks to our fundraising in September we’re able to spend more money on development, but our app firm didn’t have enough days to spend on our project. That’s a pity, but no one is to blame.
Gert and I need to reflect deeply when it comes to future developments. Do we want a feature to be released fast? Okay, but then we might have to settle for a smaller one because our devs lack the days needed to implement a bigger one. Or do we prioritize features reserved for subscribers to increase revenue? Or is it better to invest in the free version to hopefully convince more users to take a subscription (preferably Peak Pro! 😉)?

Start-up life, wouldn’t change it for a thing.

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