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Of course we believe the app is brilliant, but the question is who you should really believe: us or the runners?
That’s why we let our users do the talking. Real stories from real runners.

Jessica Berden

A few months ago I downloaded Trenara after a friend mentioned it during one of our workouts. Curious, I entered my next goal: the Seville marathon in February 2022. I was immediately (and pleasantly) surprised how good the plan looked! It is very varied, so it never gets boring. That was a bit different with a previous plan that I got after a lactate test at a well-known center! The workouts are sometimes quite challenging, but always achievable. As a result I push my limits, and I already notice a difference in my speed and recovery capacity after a just a short time. I needed this, because a while back I was a “lazy” runner and I always just ran LSDs. Easy, but not very helpful for my pace.

After every workout, the app provides feedback, making it feel like I have a personal coach watching over my shoulder. Hugely motivating! I often have to laugh at the funny written feedback, when I may have run a little further or faster than I should have been. But because you can recalibrate the app, the training sessions are always adjusted to your current performance. Because yes, because I am getting faster and faster, the sessions sometimes aren’t challenging enough.

Completely customized.
What I personally also find a plus is the fact that the training sessions are shown in distances instead of minutes. This makes it easier for me to estimate which route suits the training that is planned. I also find the fact that I have to run at a certain pace, instead of at a certain heart rate, more convenient. For example: running intervals of 300m at a certain heart rate always looked unnecessarily complicated to me, because I only reached that heart rate towards the end of the interval, or not at all. Or I went over it, so I was always unsure about how to pace myself. Now I can train much more focused, because thanks to Trenara I learned about HR lag and HR drift.

Recently I took the paid version – Peak Pro – because I am genuinely very satisfied with the app and wanted to reward the makers of the app for their hard work. The fact that the training sessions have since automatically ended up in my Garmin wearable is a big plus – that function alone makes the paid version an added value.

All I can say is: great work guys! I am a fan!

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