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Marathon x Peak: success guaranteed.

06 July 2021
Christophe Roosen is the co-founder and coach of Trenara. Runs a marathon in 2:31:34. Follow him on IG @chroosen.

With Peak & Peak Pro, Trenara offers premium features that might make or break your marathon. We would like to highlight our most important features and what the impact will be on your marathon preparation – applicable to both marathoners-to-be as experienced veterans.

_ Shifting training days

When training for a marathon, it will take you more training time compared to training for a local 10km. Seems logical. This also means that you will have to be more flexible with the concept of ‘free time’. After a busy day at work, a 20km workout may not be the best idea…

Thanks to Peak & Peak Pro you simply shift the training, so you get to train more refreshed, both physically and mentally. That flexibility to be able to shift ultimately results in less stress, again both physically and mentally. In return this important to reach the goal of all these sessions: getting your body to adapt to these training sessions.

_ Adjusting training conditions

There is a big difference between running the same workout on a forest trail vs. an athletic track, or on a flat vs. a hilly course. Where you run largely determines the training load – and therefore also the chance to overload (read: injuries) or underload (read: less adaptation).

With Peak Pro you can adapt training sessions (globally or individually) to your specific training conditions. I myself live in hilly Limburg and believe me: not adapting to our hilly routes would be a recipe for disaster when going out for a tempo run. On the one hand, you might be disappointed because you couldn’t achieve the intended pace, on the other hand the recovery time will be longer than intended. Unless you adjust your training conditions of course 😉

_ Adjusted training sessions

Not every training session runs smoothly (pun intended). During others you might feel like Superman. We all encounter highs & lows. In the first case you sometimes break off a training earlier, in the second you run longer or faster than asked. No problem, at least not when someone is looking over your shoulders and adjusting the plan.
That’s what I do when you’re a Peak Pro subscriber: when individual training sessions deviate from the plan, I make adjustments to make keep you on track.


Last but not least: when you run a lot, it’s even more important to be aware about how you feel while running. It helps you understand what marathon training means – and how you react to, for example, a bad night or different diet. With RPE, the Rate of Perceived Exertion, you can indicate, per session, how easy/heavy it felt for you – regardless of how heavy we think it should be.
RPE is not only useful for yourself, but for us as well as feedback. And in time, that input will be translated into training plan adaptations.

So here we are. Four features that can make your marathon preparation a lot more fun and surely more well-balanced. Proven technology too, as we’ve seen subscribers being more successful in achieving their goals. That’s our recipe for success: your hard work combined with Peak (Pro).

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