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Peak Pro & Peak.
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Discover all the bells & whistles Trenara has to offer with Peak & Peak Pro.

As a runner you’re constantly looking for a personal best. Wether that’s a time, distance or a feeling. Whatever your goal, Peak Pro is the best guess at smashing it.

Try it for free during the first month. Activate Peak Pro via the in-app menu.
  • Personalised training plan.
    Based on your fitness calibration and historical data (if provided), we’ll design a training plan.

  • 2 goal adjustments per month
    Changing your goal? We’ll change your plan.

  • In it for the long run
    We don’t limit plans for 1 or 2 weeks and then need you to upgrade your subscription. We’re by your side until your goal date.

  • Feedback.
    After each session, coach Christophe provides you with feedback.


3,99 € per month
(or equivalent)

  • All free features plus…

  • Select training days.
    With Peak you’re in command. Tell us when you’re able to train and which training session you’d like to prioritize.

  • Swap sessions.
    Not enough time to run your planned session? Or just not feeling it today? That’s life as it happens. No worries. Swap or delete the planned session.

  • Race predictor for the shorter distances.
    Whilst training for that big event, it’s also interesting to see what Trenara predicts for those other, shorter distances. Runners, yeah, we’re nosy.

  • Adjust goal up to 3 times per month.
    Your event got cancelled? Or did you change your mind? No problem. Select a new goal, and we’ll provide an adapted training plan.

  • Stats.
    As runners, we do love charts and numbers. With a subscription, you unlock our dashboard stats, which will give you more insight in your mileage (week/plan).

Peak Pro

9,99 € per month
(or equivalent, 30-day free trial)

  • All Peak features and some more…

  • Load-adjusted workouts.
    Sometimes we just feel like running: a bit harder, a bit further, a bit shorter or a bit slower. And that may result in a – according to the schedule – not so ideal training session. That’s where your new favourite coach kicks in: Trenara will adjust the next run if necessary, to keep you on track towards your goal.

  • Garmin export.
    With Peak Pro you can export your schedule directly onto your compatible Garmin device as a structured workout. It’s the easiest of things: just press start.

  • Pre-race races.
    When training for a longer distance goal, you’ll often like to add some shorter races to your schedule to test those legs. Tell us what & when, and we’ll adjust your schedule.

  • Elevation, height and terrain adjustments.
    Running on a hilly course? No problem, we’ll adjust the pace. Love to run offroad and on singe tracks? You’re lucky, because we won’t ask the fast intervals to be as fast as on a track.

  • RPE
    With RPE, the Rate of Perceived Exertion, you can indicate, per session, how easy/heavy it felt for you – regardless of how heavy we think it should be. RPE is not only useful for yourself, but for us as well. Because we’ll use your RPE feedback to customize your training plan even further.

  • Strength Training
    Get a personalised strength training plan, designed by Olympic S&C coach Maarten Thysen.

  • More stats.
    As runners, we do love charts and numbers. With a subscription, you unlock our dashboard stats, which will give you more insight in your mileage (week/plan).

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Let’s crush those PB’s!

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