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Of course we believe the app is brilliant, but the question is who you should really believe: us or the runners?
That’s why we let our users do the talking. Real stories from real runners.

Rick Berkelmans

I’ve always loved running, but rarely actually ran. Two years ago I went for a run on a Sunday morning, after installing the Nike Run Club app to keep track of how far and fast I was going. I noticed that I find that data super interesting during a run. After a year of running without a real goal or race, I discovered Trenara through the Running Stories Podcast and then my running obsession really took off…

I really enjoy finishing the training sessions, and even though the virtual Christophe regularly gives me the head that I went too hard or too far, it’s nice to get feedback and to have a professional coach behind you.
I also find the shifting of the training sessions really useful, because as we all knows life gets in the way from time to time.

Like a true Mr. Miyagi, Trenara prepares you perfectly, by scheduling different paces, distances and intervals on your preferred training days. And certainly in combination with listening to the podcast (Dutch only, sorry!), I really feel that you are guided on a personal level by people who have both an understanding of, and passion for, running.

And with that feeling also came results! I ran my first half marathon in 1:31, even five minutes faster than the goal I had set in Trenara! That is why I have now scaled up to Peak Pro and I will be happy to train for the Rotterdam Marathon next spring!

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