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Terrain adjustments, a Peak Pro feature


“I don’t want any feedback from my athlete”, said no coach ever. So if Trenara wants to bring you that ‘personal coach experience’, we also need to offer our athletes the possibility to send us feedback. Enter RPE.

RPE, or the Rate of Perceived Exertion, is a scientifically proven and accepted instrument to monitor training load.
RPE gives you as an athlete the chance to give us more in depth information and thus feedback about your run. Though you might have hit the paces 100% correctly, that doesn’t mean that the effort you had to put in it was the same as we expected.

In this first phase, we save your RPE score to our server so we can monitor the data. For yourself it’s of course an extra feature to keep track of your efforts.
In a second phase (TBA) we’ll use your RPE feedback to adjust your training plan. Some bad days at the office will in that case actually result in a less intense training plan for a short period of time.

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