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Terrain adjustments, a Peak Pro feature

Terrain adjustments

Definitely one of the niftiest features in Trenara, unless you live in a place where you run on completely flat tarmac roads. Not applicable to you? Read on!
Despite living in the low lands, our hometown is located in the midst of hilly Haspengouw – a region very renowned for its blossoms during springtime (here’s your random fact of the day).
Winding roads, constantly going up and down: our running routes never cease to amaze (read: fatigue) us. But how do you pace your effort on these hilly roads? A training schedule (often) uses ideal data and conditions. The prescribed pace is an output of a targeted intensity level. Pace in itself isn’t the holy grail. So when you go out for a run at that prescribed, ideal, pace, you might as well be overdoing it.

Enter Peak Pro! Terrain adjustments is one of our Pro features and solves the hassle: you tell us on what terrain you’ll be running and we’ll adapt the schedule. Co-founder Gert developed an algorithm that will adjust the pace based on the terrain.
So let’s say you run a 10k loop with 160m of ascend/descend – a zero sum loop. Despite the 0m elevation gain, that run feels harder than running it on a loop with only 40m of ascend/descend – it’s just physics.
Albeit there’s an advantage of running downhill, it will never compensate the extra effort cost of running uphill.

Thanks to this Pro feautre, and depending on your route, Trenara will adjust the pace for your upcoming training session. But there’s more. We’ll even adjust the pace according to the surface you’ll be running on. Because there’s a big difference between doing your intervals on a track or a dirt road. Another extra: enjoying a vacation in the Alps? Tells us at what altitude you reside at and we’ll adjust the schedule.

So yes, Trenara is a true – virtual – personal coach.

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