Founders Gert Moermans & Christophe Roosen

Christophe Roosen
Gert Moermans
Don’t expect a simple registration of your running session or a one-size-fits-all training schedule. Trenara will make you a stronger & better runner. Trenara is your digital, smart running coach.

It all started out with a Whatsapp message Gert sent to Christophe, after they took some lactate threshold tests from their running friends: “What if we’d make an app out of it?”. With the financial support of family, friends and fools and a lot of time, Trenara was born.
Our state-of-the-art algorithm is what makes Trenara unique: it helps us to analyze your running history and to project future improvements. It’s also the starting point of probably the best race time predictor out there.
So if you’re a runner looking for a fully personalized training schedule (without the junk miles), Trenara is the way to go.

We’re still a start-up, dreams enough to fulfill. In the (near) future we also want to make Trenara a good starting point for aspiring runners and diversify our offered schedules and features. Each subscription to one of our premium packages (Peak or Peak Pro) is a step towards that goal.


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